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The BTA Srl is a company specialized in the laying of resin coatings. The group was formed by the union of highly qualified personnel in the field of Vanguard Technologies Industrial and Civil Housing in general.


Boasting years of experience in the field of resins, provides systems and skills in the industrial flooring sector, atypical waterproofing, protection of concrete structures and structural repairs.


The company operates throughout the country and is on the market, not only as applicators of resin systems, as well as consultants for any type of need which concerns the recovery of old structures or prevention in case of scratch works. It is structured on one side Directional, an Administrative, technical specialists, the Application Group and a commercial offering strength and disseminates market systems, the cycles and the application techniques, while also offering the opportunity to acquire the only materials by taking advantage of a substantial assistance on site.


The company, therefore, designing, installation, manufactures and markets systems and resinous formulated for protection, consolidation and prevention of all industrial facilities, Civil, hospitals, factories food type and facilities where regulations are special demands on hygiene and contact with food.


The technical structure of the company organizes technical outreach conferences related to its areas of intervention.


In particular, since 2004, it was among the first companies in polyurea applicators waterproofing systems, specializing in particular, thanks to the expertise in the field of application of epoxy coatings for floors, driveways in waterproofing.

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